Shirley Chaitlin is the world's foremost contributor to this emerging form of figurative interactive fine art.  Although largely self-taught, she has received artistic training in Europe and in Southern California under private tutoring.  She also attended the Laguna Beach College of Art.  Her intent has been to paint only for the joy she derives from the painterly expression, but working with the articulator art form, she was soon discovered and started working professionally.  Known a perfectionist, she refuses to release any piece prior to the attainment of the most exacting standards of excellence.

Creating serrated-surface artworks requires specially developed artistic capacities to deal with a complex and difficult process.  Not one, but two complete paintings must be composed that will complement each other in lines, proportions and colors.  Shirley Chaitlin is recognized as a new-age visionary artist who has credited with innovating a unique prismatic, viewer-kinetic art form.  Working with the pleated surface of the articulator structure, she explores the dynamics of change in the emergence of one form from another, the ironies of scale and coincidence, and the profundities of unifying principles.  Her artistic scope includes figurative realism, but extends beyond to levels of abstract expression which stir not only the senses, but the centers of thought and spiritual insight.  Her own personal radiance and depth of soul are always very evident in her works.

"I'm quite convinced that art of all kinds -- music, literature, theatre, poetry and painting -- is the primary civilizing influence in the human world.  So when I manifest beauty through my painting, I'm feel as though I am contributing something of lasting and real value.  Something intrinsically good for everyone.  And just that thought gives me deep joy."
                                                                                         -Shirley Chaitlin

Shirley Chaitlin are shown in fine art galleries in San Francisco, Soho (New York City), Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, Century City, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Laguna Beach.

Her works can be found in the private collections of William Ahmanson, Bob Hope, Lee Iacocca, Art Agnos, former Mayor of San Francisco, and many others, including distinguished fine art collectors in Australia, Japan, Germany, France and England. Shirley Chaitlin's work has also been exhibited in the Gallery of the Los Angeles County Art Museum.